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[FH-4307] PU All-inclusive esd safety shoes

Product Name: Antistatic Safety Shoes- PU All-inclusive esd safety shoes
Product Num: FH-4307
Upper Material: PU
Sole Material: PU
Resistance: 10^7Ω-10^9Ω
Size: 36#-50#(230mm-300mm)
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Product description/Features/advantages   

1. Anti-static electricity   

Anti-static safety shoes can not only eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in the human body but also prevent electric shock from the power supply below 250V.  Of course, must consider the sole insulation, in order to prevent the harm of electricity or electric shock, its requirements must reach GB4385-1995 standard.   

2. electrical insulation   

Antistatic safety shoes can insulate people's feet from electric objects, preventing electric shock protection.  Its requirements must meet gb12011-2000 standards.   

3. the sole   

The outer soles of antistatic safety shoes are made of rubber, polyurethane and so on.  The country made a clear provision to the outsole performance and hardness of shoes of antistatic labor protection, should be tested with folding, wear-resisting testing machine and hardness meter.  When choosing shoes, press sole with finger must have elasticity, feel not sticky hand, bend soft had better.  

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