General materials and instructions of antistatic shoes

Anti-static shoes are one of the effective and reliable ways to discharge the electrostatic charge of operators. Due to the requirements of enterprise products, the anti-static shoes now not only need to have anti-static function, but also need to use low dust material to suppress the dust generated by personnel walking in the clean room.

1, vamp material: anti-static PVC leather, PU leather, canvas, etc., sole material: anti-static PVC raw materials, PU raw materials, etc.

2, PU material and PVC material characteristics of high strength, thin and elastic, soft smooth, waterproof; It still has good tensile strength and torsional strength at low temperature, and has good light aging resistance and hydrolysis resistance stability. Strong flexibility, appearance and performance are close to natural leather, easy washing decontamination, easy sewing; The surface is smooth and compact, and can be treated and dyed with various kinds of surface.

3, PU materials and PVC materials maintenance method with water and detergent cleaning, avoid gasoline cleaning; Can not dry cleaning, only water washing, recommended washing temperature of 40℃, drying temperature of 50℃; Do not use sunlight exposure; Do not touch some organic solvents, do not bleach.

4, comparison of PU shoes and PVC shoes conductive PVC and PU materials are common materials for the production of anti-static shoes. PVC full name is "polyvinyl chloride", is a kind of plastic. PU, in full name, is a class of synthetic leather. There are many differences between the two materials, and the properties of products made from the two materials are also very different.

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