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[c] White dust-proof cleanroom clean boots

Product Name: White dust-proof cleanroom clean boots
Product Num: Polyester cotton cloth + antistatic cloth
Upper Material: Polyester cotton cloth + antistatic cloth
Sole Material: PVC or PU
Resistance: 10^7 ω -10^9 ω, can be installed up to 10^6 ω
Size: 34#-50#(220mm-300mm)
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Antistatic shoes can suppress dust, reduce or eliminate static damage, and direct static electricity from the human body to the earth.  It can eliminate electrostatic accumulation of human body and prevent electric shock under 250V;  

The sole adopts anti-static anti-slip material, which can absorb sweat, prevent odor, and achieve anti-slip, anti-static and other functions. It is integrated with the upper and can effectively leak static electricity.  

Friendly reminder: high sole density, elegant shoe shape, comfortable to wear, various styles, can also be customized according to customer requirements.  

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